Do not expect cash prizes on free online casinos

April 10th, 2009

Many people join the free online casinos and expect to win cash prizes. They should know that such cash prizes are just not available on these free online casinos. If they want to win cash prizes, they have to invest cash too and there are many such sites which they can check out. Most of these free gambling casinos run on the money they make by the way of advertising and it is not fair to expect them to shell out cash prizes to the players. One should be satisfied with the gaming experience they gain from these sites.

Yes, most free online casinos do offer special discount coupons to their visitors as prizes. When you win any round, you get a free discount coupon, which can be exchanged, for discounts for many things and sometimes you can even expect free stays at hotels or free eating at reputed eateries. Though you might not win cash prizes, the discount coupons that you get at the free online casinos are a great gift.